I don't know about you but when Autumn/Winter come around I need to buy new boots. There is no way I am moping around with wet feet as wet weather here in the UK is inevitable and therefore to avoid this, away go the ballet pumps and in come the boots. I like to have a few different options to pick from ranging from flat to heeled to buckled to pull on. Every Autumn/Winter I seem to aquire a new pair of boots and this year it was no different. Last year I picked up a pair of Topshop heeled boots for £75, I could never part with £75 on a pair of boots these days, I don't even know how I let myself do it however I had my eye on a certain style of boots...

In comes Primark, where a pair of boots won't cost you more than £20, that's £10 per foot - I like it. When I spotted these in Primark I was so pleased as they are just what I have been after. I really wanted a pair of cut out heeled boots for summer for festivals but I never managed to pick any up so I couldn't just leave these boots sitting there on the shelf...for £18.... could I? 

I really like the tread on these boots, I think thats something a bit different and makes them a little edgier, they look great with tights due to the cutouts and I know they'll look really cool with some funky socks or no socks at all. So far I love them, they do rub slightly on the ankles due to the positioning of the straps but no pain, no gain... and for £18, you aint gonna see this lady complaining. 

What do you think? Do you wear boots through Autumn/Winter?


  1. £18?! That's amazing. You definitely could not leave these on the shelf. They are chunky and cut out...double love x


  2. £18 is so good! They look way more expensive x


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