Technic Prime It Review | Benefit Dupe?

I've had my eye on this product for a while, after noticing it in BodyCare beside 'High Lights'  a dupe highlighter of High Beam by Benefit featured on my blog here. In the end I thought at £3.99, even if it was rubbish I'd still give it a shot, because £4 is nothing compared to the £21.50 that Benefit's That Gal will set you back, can you see the resemblance
Just looking at the packaging I could see the resemblance to That Gal even before I read what the product actually was, the skyscraper illustrations and gaudy colours all scream Benefit, don't they? Unfortunately, compared to my last Benefit Dupe post where I owned both High Beam and High Lights and did a comparison, I don't own That Gal. I've always been more of a PoreFessional kind of girl, due to my combination skin type however as I've already mentioned, who can resist a £3.99 primer? I expected to hate this product, after all, when you're investing in something like a primer which could adversely affect the longevity and overall look of your make up finish, you want a good quality product and with that usually comes a high price tag. Funnily enough, as I set out with less than positive expectations, I happened to be pleasantly surprised. 

As you can see from the pictures below the product actually comes out of the pump looking suspiciously like a moisturizer with the texture to match but when applied has luminescent properties (I'd be worried if it didn't). My main concern with a primer designed to give you a 'glow' was that combined with my combination skin, my skin would look oily and progressively more oilier as the day went on but I found this was not the case.

What I liked about this product was that it did what this type of primer should do and it did it well, applying my foundation seemed much easier after applying this as it created a nice base for my foundation to provide even coverage, yet even though this primer is white based compared to the pink tones of That Gal, my skin looked brighter and my skintone more even, which is what the product claims to do. Minor drawbacks of this primer is that it doesn't improve the longevity of your make up and I seem to have to powder very slightly more often but these do not put me off.  Before I used this primer I didn't know my skin looked dull, now I like to mix one part this with two parts the Porefessional for my primer in order to minimise pores, add longevity but avoid a dull complexion. I don't care if this is frowned upon as the two are opposite products not to be mixed - it's working for me.

Sorry I'm looking so pale, this picture doesn't really reflect the effects of the primer but it was the best I could capture. I'm not saying this primer is the holy grail of primers as I've certainly used better, but for £3.99, this is a great addition to your make up collection and you will benefit (haha, see what I did there) from this primer the most by either applying before your foundation application or mixing a small amount with your moisturizer/foundation for that natural, healthy looking radiance that all women crave.


  1. This seems such a fabulous beauty bargain - I love the look of it. The product definitely resembles Benefit. Will have to try this though after your great review!

    I have a MAC MUA contributing to my blog - she just did a post of achieving a beautiful au natural look with tip, tricks and MU trends, would love for you to take a look hun and let me know what you think :)

    Eda ♥

  2. I am totally going to try this! Thanks for the tips!

    visit :)


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