Catch Up

Thought I better add a bit of a rubbishy Instagram Collage to give you something to look at..

This maybe a little bit of a rambling post today but we'll see how we get on.

01. I don't know if any of you noticed (I hope some of you have) but it is in fact coming up to one month since I blogged, if any of you like me enough to read my posts in full you may have concluded that the reason for this is that I no longer have the Canon, the Canon 400D actually belongs to my father and he kindly loans it from me, I plan to invest and purchase a new Canon myself - probably the 600D but unfortunately I am short on funds with Amsterdam, Driving, Zante and general life - once these things are out of the way I shall purchase, but for now I think it's another 400D loan coming your way dad...

02. I have been getting lots of emails from Bloglovin' telling me I have new followers, thank you everybody for this, I am really happy and grateful. I have used bloglovin' for a very long time and I am glad to see that with the imminent departure of GFC and also Google Reader people are choosing to move over to Bloglovin' as their choice of platform. It's very easy to use and is really easy to import the blogs you already follow via GFC into Bloglovin', there is  a link at the top for those of you who didn't know. I am following all of you lovelies I already follow and have followed a few new blogs so do come say hi, as I will with you. If any of you want to follow me I have a Bloglovin' button in my sidebar!

03. Updates about my life if you are interested.... If you are not interested as I know some of you may not be, you may want to move on now. I am coming up to 19 years at the beginning of May but I am still a learner driver. I began learning how to drive in November and had very low confidence, I am still slightly nervous on the road but I am not letting this hold me back. I am now insured on my Stepmother's car which she very kindly let me take out with my Dad, so this is great progress and I have also passed my theory!

04. I have missed blogging tremendously and I feel completely lost in the blogging world, however this short break has brought with it great ideas and I hope you like the posts I have planned for you! I have been spending a bit too much money but have some new outfit posts I hope you'll love! Don't worry, I have been absent from my own blog but I haven't been absent from reading all of yours!

05. I am DEFINITELY going to be at the North Meet Up in Manchester (#NorthMeetUp) and I can't wait to meet you all! A huge thank you to Em Sheldon of EMTALKS who took some action to get us northerners in on these great meet ups we've been seeing in the blogger community. I would love for those of you who are going to send me your blog links as I would like to have a little read before we meet!

There's a lot more I could ramble on about but I want to keep this post short and sweet (ish) just to keep you all up to date and knowing what's going on! Also I would love to hear what kind of giveaways you enjoy the most as I am currently planning my own and want to spoil one of you lucky lovely people!

I won't be a stranger for much longer, hope you are all well!


  1. Yaay! you're back!!
    Where did you get the wonka bar from oh my gosh? :L

    1. Haha indeed I am!
      We have a shop in our town which is a olde sweet shop style but it stocks all the American candy too, they sold these wonka bars but they were just replicas Wonka doesn't make them at the moment, they didn't taste very nice but I did get a golden ticket!

  2. Lovely photos! If that is you in the first picture, I am so jealous and want to be that colour x

    1. Thank you!
      Haha I posted it on my Instagram because I want to be back at that colour, that s from holiday in turkey in 2011, I couldn't believe it when I saw it haha xxx


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