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I don't know if you have noticed but I never blog about skincare, I do not stick to a regime or certain products for long enough to really thoroughly know a product. Your skin is affected by everything, your diet, the weather and the products you use so I find it difficult to really know what a skincare product does for me as my skin feels like it is constantly changing. I have been trialing the Soap and Glory Fab Pore products for a while now, I have been wanting to blog about them for a very long time but have felt like I really wanted to give them a fair chance so I have held off until I have felt like I know the products well enough. I found this quite difficult as I had felt like I needed stabilize my skin and then I introduced the products.

Soap & Glory 'The Fab Pore Hot Cloth Cleanser' - RRP £10
Soap & Glory 'The Fab Pore Pore Refining Facial Peel - RRP £8

Here are the two products I have been using from the Fab Pore range, I think these are the only two products that the range consist of but I could be wrong. The two products are the Soap and Glory Hot Cloth Cleanser and the Soap and Glory Facial Peel.

The first product I'm going to talk about is pictured below and it is the Soap and Glory Hot Cloth Cleanser. First thing is first, am I only the only one who expected a hot cloth cleanser to be something more than a tube of cleanser and a muslin cloth? At first I was quite shocked that a hot cloth cleanser was as basic as what it really is but I have grown to like the idea of a hot cloth cleanser as using the muslin cloth really does polish the face without being too harsh.  

As you can see below the product comes in a box with a tube of cleanser and a muslin cloth. The cleanser has a very thick consistency and smells so nice when applying it to the face as it is packed with nice ingredients such as almond oil, it smells strongly of lavender which I like weirdly. Soap and Glory describe the cleanser as a 3-in-1 concentrated deep purifying formula, why is is 3-in-1? I can't tell you because I don't know. This product does not wow me away in the slightest, as a cleanser I suppose it is okay but it's nothing to write home about and it does not compare at all to my NUDE Perfect Cleansing Oil with which I can visibly see the differences. This hot cloth cleanser does it's job at cleansing your face and leaving it soft however stubborn eye make up can prove a little bit of a problem so I have been using Bioderma to clean my eyes. If I'm honest I don't know if I'm going to finish the tube, I really like the formula and the smell however I don't see any improvement to my skin and sometimes can break out after using this, my skin is spot prone so it's not likely to be the cleanser as the cause but more the cleanser not preventing the break outs. I will probably stick to my NUDE Cleansing Oil and maybe have another go with this in the future. 

As I mentioned above I bought this product from Boots for £8, I've had this for a while now and was really excited to use it. I've noticed my pores becoming blocked and therefore becoming a lot more visible with foundation sticking to them - this is my all time pet hate. Soap and Glory describes The Fab Pore Facial Peel as an 'intensive action deep pore facial peel', don't get me wrong but I thought that a facial 'peel' would involve some kind of peeling action? This more has the formula of a cream face mask (what I mean is 'not clay') which you rub onto your face until the little blue beads dissolve and then leave for 15 minutes for an intensive facial peel. I have to admit I found the whole beads dissolving thing really exciting haha and thought this would work wonders on my pores. I have read some really great reviews about this product but I have again been disappointed, that's a personal opinion and everybody's skin type is different and will react different. I used this twice or three times a week, sometimes more for maybe 20 minutes, it leaves your face feeling very soft and fresh however I found my blemishes were worse and I just feel like it was doing nothing for me at all. I hate to be negative about a product but this really didn't impress me like I thought it was going to, infact today I looked at my make up free face and saw that pores looked the most clogged up and large in a long time. I feel like my face needs a good scrub to get rid of that congestion in my face and to brighten up my dull skin.

I just want to keep reaching for the Clean and Clear daily scrub that I banned from my routine a while back because I thought it would be doing my skin no good, however whenever I used it my skin looked so much less congested and clearer. If anybody knows of any good exfoliants or scrubs I'd love to know... what does that say about a product meant for your pores if I'm begging for exfoliants? I've missed blogging but still don't have a camera, I'm trying my hardest to do something about this because I just want to be back regularly blogging. 

Is it just me who wasn't impressed by these products as I have read really good reviews elsewhere?!


  1. I was looking forward to trying the Hot Cloth Cleanser but maybe I'll look for another one instead:) x

  2. Love the look of the hot cloth cleanser and like that it contains things like almond oil and lavender. Soap & Glory products always smell amazing x

  3. Great post!



  5. Oh boo, not liking the sound of The Fab Pore Facial 'Peel'! The quest for a pore-fixer continues... ;)


  6. Hehe, I had a notion that a hot cloth cleanser involved this piece of cloth which would go into the microwave. And there was this cup of boiling water... Anyway, I can't believe they've actually been marketing it!
    My Beauty Junction

  7. I love Soap and glory so these are a bit disappointing :( great write up though!

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