MAC Cockney Lipstick | Year of the Snake Collection

Ladies, if any of you have bought products from MAC online, you will probably regularly receive enticing emails from them - I am sucker, I am proof that emails containing new releases and great deals really do work.

Last week I received an email from MAC about their new Year of the Snake collection. A search on Google left me quite confused if I'm honest, the new range was being talked about everywhere but I couldn't work out, had it been released yet, or only in certain countries or was it yet to be released? From the email, I went over to the MAC website and the products were available to purchase.. so I guess it had been released... but I'm still slightly confused as many blogs are saying 'to be released'... *I have just been over to Elle who say it was available online from yesterday however I ordered mine last Thursday - confusion continues*

So MAC have released a new collection 'Year of the Snake' because well... it's the Chinese year of the snake. As you probably know if you've read any of my other posts, I LOVE lipsticks, so when I saw MAC had released three new lipsticks as part of the collection I felt the need to buy all three. By some miracle I restrained myself - reasoning that I didn't need another nude as I had just bought one from MAC and I didn't need another Plum as I had just bought one from YSL - but it was painful as I know MAC limited edition collections sell out quickly.

I received this on Monday evening but I have had this lipstick in my bag since then as there's been no light to photograph it and I didn't want to use it till I had. The first thing I noticed about this product was the lovely packaging - a welcome difference from MAC's plain and simple black, also the imprint of the snake on the lipstick itself is lovely. MAC describes Cockney as 'Sheer yellow red with a multidimensional pearl' - I have two reds from MAC already but the 'yellow-red' was what drew me in - I'm not sure why, I think I thought it would be a different tone to my others. This is my first encounter with a MAC Lustre finish so I'm not sure if all Lustre lipsticks are like this but it is incredibly sheer as described - it could almost pass as a lipgloss! Usually I don't go for this kind of finish - I prefer a very matte and pigmented lip and tend to avoid lipgloss' as a personal preference, however I really like this and it might just be something I can wear to the office. 

What I love about this lipstick is that the 'glitter' you see in the stick is not glittery like a cheap lipstick might be, it just adds to the high shine finish and looks so glossy and lovely. From the pictures above you can definitely see the yellow tone in the red. This is a really lovely lipstick that I will be wearing a lot through the day, as I think it's more of a day lipstick for me, I won't be making a habit of buying lipsticks this sheer - but this is a welcome, different addition to my lipstick collection.

Cockney retails for £15.50 at MAC however I think it's sold out and I am unsure as to whether they restock limited edition collections, sorry! 

Have you bought any of the Year of the Snake collection? Are all Lustre finish lipsticks this sheer?


  1. Mentioned you in my most recent post :) xx

  2. Oww such a sucker for MAC lipsticks ... Looks great on you! x

  3. What a stunning lipstick, I need to have a look at this collection! I'm obsessed with lipsticks too, following you now xx

  4. this is such an amazing lipstick colour! it looks perfect on you too! i definitely need to have a peek at this collection!
    your blog is seriously amazing, i love your reviews! i've just followed and would really appreciate it if you followed back perhaps? x

  5. so nice!

  6. This looks great. I love the imprint on the lipstick! The colour looks great too. I haven't tried the year of the snake collection and probably won't now as they sell out of their limited edition collection and don't restock. Great review though x

  7. That's a beautiful colour on you - great review!

    Jo x

  8. Oh my god that shade is so beautiful!

  9. Love the imprint on the lipstick! I'm a sucker for packaging, this shade looks lovely on you :)
    Chloe xx

  10. omg love the color!!!! the detailing on the lipstick is to die for!
    Check out my blog?
    -Jenna <3

  11. Such a fab shade, I love this type of deep colour, looks lovely on you! X x

  12. This colour is gorgeous!! Love your blog-I'm following

  13. Hi I just came across your blog and it's amazing!
    Would be great if you could visit my blog too. Maybe we could follow each other if you like? Let me know what you think.


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