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Depth £8*

Yes, I have been playing away, I am a stranger to my own blog, but I have returned, hopefully for good although I can predict another stray in the near future. The last thing I want is to be away from blogging but the Canon is my companion no more and I feel like I have lost a limb, photography is a huge part of blogging for me and I strive for perfection, I know that perfect photos aren't essential but I want them, I need them... and now that doesn't seem like an option for the near future, regardless I shall blog on, using the iPad for the intermittent future. Here's a review of a recent addition to my ever growing lipstick collection that I have been meaning to post for a while.

Apologies for this webcam shot - no camera!

I received this Topshop lipstick for Christmas off my best friend Emily, those who know me well know I love a bold and sometimes daring lip when I go out so this may have been a risky gift for some but not for me. Topshop describes Depth as a Burgundy. The formula of the lipstick is great and is in no way drying, my only issue, again, is that Topshop describe this as a 'matte finish' but as a matte lipstick lover and this is in no way matte. I think the lipstick would have impressed me further should it have been matte as I think this kind of colour deserves that kind of wow factor, maybe I'm just matte obsessed, but I find with dark colours, when they are matte they smudge less and hold their colour for longer. 

This lipstick definitely needs a lip liner as the dark colour shows up all application imperfections and when I first wore this into town I found that it stuck around the inside of the lips in patches where I had been drinking from a glass - not the most attractive look. This lipstick is not for the faint hearted but it will bring out the best of your dark features, if you have them. On first glance it almost appears black but a closer look will reveal its luxurious purple properties.

I'm sorry to keep doing this to you but I have just read on the Topshop website that this has sold out and I have a sneaky suspicion it will not be restocked as it is not listed anywhere on the website. After swatching this lipstick tonight I think I need to create some plans for myself very soon just so I can wear this again.


  1. I LOVE the colour!

  2. Lovely colour! I really looks like Rebel by Mac but half the price x

  3. Lovely colour! Looks gorgeous on you. Very Rebel by Mac or Black Cherry by Revlon. Super cheap too x

  4. Lovely color! It reminds me of Rebel by MAC


  5. Oh wow this is an amazing lipstick, hope you get your camera troubles sorted soon x


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