After taking the photos for this post I realised that I had accidentally lumped the laser toppings in with the original polishes but their all Bourjois so we'll roll with it!

You may have seen that I picked these up in a haul not long ago after seeing them all over the blogosphere! I recently made the decision to stop getting my nails done with gel polish in the salon and  actually make use of all these nail polishes I buy so of course that meant I could buy new ones?

These new 1 Seconde gel effect polishes come in a range of gorgeous colours and are named after their ability to paint a nail in one second due to their large flat brushes. I love the brushes on these polishes as they make for quick, easy and meat nails, did somebody say No Fuss Nails? That's exactly what these are, I only need two coats of these to arm me with shiny and opaque talons and with a 50 seconds drying time you're pretty much good to go immediately - yay, no more smudged nails. A good topcoat is needed with these polishes as I find they tend to chip and flake after a few days without.

The laser manicure toppings are amazing, they're something new to add to my collection as I have every nail art going but these are something I've never seen before. They're great for adding something extra to your manicure with minimal effort whilst still looking professional. I will definitely be picking up these in more colours however they were out of stock last time I checked. 

So there we have it, fuss free fingers from Bourjois. What do you think of these polishes?


  1. These look gorgeous! The laser toppings looks so pretty.


  2. Hi,

    Found you via twitter - #bbloggers

    new follower :)

    these bourjois polishes look amazing! I must try them out!
    come and check out my blog if you'd like to :)

  3. I love this range! That topcoat is definitely next on my nail polish lust list xo

  4. Love that turquoise shade! It's gorgeous x

    Jess | J.S & Makeup

  5. Loving the look of the nude colour! I do love a nude nail varnish x


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